Big 2021 Upgrade for Houseplay

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We’ve just rolled out a new version of Houseplay! YAY! We’re excited to get it into your hands and get your feedback, and continue to improve and refine your experience!

But what has changed?

A UI overhaul

The first thing you’ll notice is a new, modern look. It’s bright, clean, and clear.

Screenshot of the top navigation bar

We particularly focused on making the carnival-day experience on mobile devices especially usable - all the functionality you need is contained in the slim top bar. You can swap carnivals using the carnival drop down. You can one-click navigate to the current carnival’s dashboard or events page. Or you can manage the organisation and user settings. But all of that stays out of the way of the main work area, maximising your view of the event at hand.

A focus on carnival day

Our goal at Houseplay is to make sports days as fun and stress-free as possible.

And what is one of the biggest causes of stress on carnival day? Change. Last-minute change. So we focused on making the last-minute changes as friction-free as possible.

Adding competitors in the field

Screenshot of the student picker

The competitors are being marshalled, and you realise that one of the students is different to what you have listed on the event – a last minute change.

The new student picker gives you instant access to all students in your school, but with 3 handy tabs:

  • Eligible: those that meet the criteria of your event (grade, gender)
  • All: every student in the school
  • Selected: those you’ve selected

You type in the first few letters of the student’s name, and the list instantly filters down to just one record. Two taps, and the student is in the competitor list, ready to race.


Managing events

Overseeing a carnival and need to quickly reshuffle a bunch of events? You can use the new multi-select and search capabilities to do this in a flash. A picture speaks a thousand words:


Clicking a link and worrying about whether it will load is just another thing you don’t want to think about on carnival day. It should just work.

So we have spent a good deal of time improving the performance of Houseplay. We’ve worked on the code to make it more efficient. And we’ve moved our servers – if you’ll forgive the tech-speak for a moment – to dynamically scalable instances, which means no matter how many users are hitting our servers all at once we can serve them all, no sweat.

The future

While these enhancements are welcome improvements, under the hood of Houseplay we have made some fundamental changes. This means that these new features are not the end. We have plenty more planned, and we have built a framework on which to get these features to you faster than ever.

And while we have focused on helping removing the stress of your sports day, we can’t wait to focus on the other part of our goal: the fun!

Stay tuned for heaps more.

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