How to Automatically Allocate Students to Lanes

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Some schools like to organise their races so that students from certain houses are assigned certain lanes. This helps to keep things simple and consistent for the marshals. Houseplay allows for this assignment to happen automatically.

An example situation

Let’s explore how the lane assignment functionality works with a quick example.Let’s say the main athletic track at Fictiontown Primary, contains 8 lanes, and we would like to ensure any races using this track assign the lanes to the schools houses like so:

  • Red
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Blue

Setup the track

Our first step is to add a new ‘Lane Setup’. In the main menu, click Lanes.

In the form that is now shown add a track name, like “Main Athletics Track”, and click the Create Lane Setup button.

Now you are shown the lane setup details, and you can add as many lanes as you need. In our case, we want to add 8 lanes and assign each of these lanes to our houses as we specified above:

Click Update Lane Setup and we are now done with setting up the track, so let us link this to the events that will likely use this track.

In the main menu, click Event Types.

In the listing of event types, we can see the 100m Sprint. Click on the Edit link for that event type.

Notice that the Default Lane Setup field currently says “None”. Click it and select “Main Athletics Track”. Then click the Update Event Type button.

Great! Now let’s finish things off by creating a new event and seeing this in action.

Auto-allocated Lanes in Events

Navigate to the current carnival events by clicking Events in the main menu.

Now click the Add Event button, and you are presented with the form to add a new event.

From the Event Type field, select “100m Sprint”. You will notice that the Lane Setup field automatically populated with “Main Athletics Track”. This means that this event will use this tracks method of ordering.

To continue, choose the genders and grades you want to include in this event and click Create and Edit Competitors.

You will now see the event with empty lanes visible. Click the Add Students button, and select a number of students and add them to the event.

You will notice that they are automatically assigned to lanes based on their house. Any extra students are assigned to the end of the specified lanes.

Manually adjusting lanes

If you would like to manually change the order of the students, you can toggle the Assign By Lanes button at the bottom of the event form, and this will allow you to drag and drop competitors as you like.