How to Manage Records

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Part of the excitement of competition is seeing competitors set new all-time records. Houseplay now makes it easy to track such records.

Existing records

Our first step is to add all existing records. To do this, click Records in the main menu, and then the Add Record button.

Now, add all the fields for this record:

You can continue to do this for all the records that have previously been established at your school.

New records

Now that you have added existing records, you will be automaticaly alerted when new records are set. Let us have a look at an example: let us say we have an event for the 100m sprint, where a year 8 male has just run 12s 493ms.

Once this has been entered you will note that the event listing will have a ‘RECORD?’ tag.

When you complete the event by clicking the ✓ button you will be prompted to confirm this record. If you are happy with the record being accurate you can click Yes and then Complete Event.

This record has now been recorded, and you can check the Records page to confirm that it has been entered.