What's New for 2022?

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Oh boy, do we have some choice improvements to share with you for this new year! There are a lot of behind the scenes tweaks but we wanted to introduce you to two features that we are certain will make your life a bunch easier, and your carnivals even more exciting for the students, teachers, and parents.

Lane assignments

Screenshot of the lanes feature

We’ve noticed that a number of schools like to organise their events with the competitors assigned to lanes based on their house/faction. This makes it easier for the marshals who are organising the races and recording the results.

We’ve made this a lot easier by allowing events to have a default lane allocation. What this results in is automatic allocation of competitors when adding them to an event. Every time you run an event, you can be confident that your students are in the place they should be!

You can learn more about this new feature on our dedicated blog post.

Recording records

What better to excite spectators and competitors alike than setting new school records on carnival day! We’ve facilitated this with our new Records feature. All existing records for your school can be entered and then when events are run and results are entered, you will be alerted to any new records. It adds a new dimension to cheer for!

We have also made a full breakdown of how to use this feature.

Close up of a stopwatch

Other bits and pieces, with more to come

We have also added new reports, fixed bugs, improved performance, and done a myriad of other tweaks to make things even happier when you use Houseplay.

But we’re also not finished - we are in the throes of a new feature we hope to roll out in the coming weeks that will deserve it’s own feature post. Stay tuned, and enjoy carnivaling (that’s a verb right?) in 2022!