Where Does Houseplay Store Our Data?

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This is a question we have received a few times over the life of Houseplay: Where is our school’s data stored?

Now, at Houseplay, we only require the bare minimum of personally identifying data — student names, gender, and grade. But where that data is held can have implications for privacy expectations and security. Because of this, some schools have adopted policies of preference toward SAAS (software-as-a-service) providers that store user data in Australia. Some state education departments are even recommending the same thing.

So where are the Houseplay servers located?

In short — Australia.

In particular, in a datacentre in Melbourne, Victoria.

Performance side-effects

Speedtest on mobile

When we started Houseplay we were looking for a server provider with an excellent record of reliability as well as offering us the level of support we needed to make our startup simple, so we hosted our servers with a very reputable (and popular) company located in Germany. In time though we had enough enquiries about data location that we put a concerted effort into transferring our servers to an Australian provider.

One of the happy side-effects from this is speed. Now, when you click a link or update an event on Houseplay, that data doesn’t have to travel all the way to Germany and back. It shoots off to Melbourne, much closer. And you can tell; Houseplay is supremely responsive. It’s one of the things we pride ourselves on.