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Manage sports carnivals and still have fun?

We've built a better way to manage sports carnivals. Get events set up faster and results recorded more easily with Houseplay.
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The complete solution for your sports days

Easy Management

Easily manage hundreds of competitors over dozens of different types of events, in multiple grades, divisions, and genders. All from one easy interface.

Real-time stats

On-the-day, you get real time feedback on house scores and champion students, all automatically calculated as results are submitted.

Built-in measurement types

Input event results in formats of all kinds - including simple competitor finishing positions, time measurements, distance measurements, and scores.

For sports of all sorts

A throughly customisable system means that you can run individual and team events of all kinds: from tunnelball to marathons to water polo.

Access everywhere online

Everything is online, so you can access your sports carnival details from anywhere with an internet connection. And that includes a bunch of mobile devices!

Heaps o' Support

Get quick support from the friendly team at Houseplay. We want to make sure your sports carnival runs like clockwork!

Teachers seriously love Houseplay!

Love the program ... I think the whole thing you have created is awesome.

I've just signed up and am really looking forward to using your site. Just wanted to thank you in advance for putting together such a nice (at last) and so far easy to use platform.

I was in a meeting today where I presented my athletics carnival to my heads of house and the two AP's. Both of the AP's were PE teachers and were blown away.

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For smaller schools and organisations who want to streamline their carnivals.
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For larger schools and organisations who need a solid solution for sports days.
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Up to 600 students
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For schools and organisations who want the full power of Houseplay.
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Unlimited students
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Who is Houseplay?

Houseplay is a husband-and-wife team who live in Melbourne. We like bikes, and Agatha Christie.

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